Poppy, the Rescued Starling, is Interviewed for National TV Show, 'Right This Minute'

    After being contacted by producers for the syndicated show, 'Right This Minute,' Poppy was interviewed using SKYPE in his home in Tampa.  Poppy's videos showing his skills whistling  'Mozart' and 'Dixie' were featured.   The anchors seemed to really enjoy Poppy's rescue story.   See the entire 'super-starling' interview here and please leave a comment if you have a chance!


Poppy's Rescue Story

    Lisa, a flight attendant, discovered the baby bird scared and shivering on the jetbridge right outside the airplane door at DFW International Airport. After a ramp worker tells her that he will "throw that thing in the trash can", Lisa scoops him up and takes him aboard the plane, just as the passengers begin boarding.

     Because he constantly tried to pop out of his makeshift ice bucket nest, the Captain and crew name him 'Poppy.'

    Poppy flew with Lisa and the crew all over the United States- from Florida to Dallas to New York City and back. Earning his 'wings' was an honor for Poppy, especially since he didn't have any feathers.  

  Poppy has now been adopted to a wonderful, loving home. He sings, whistles, talks and causes all kinds of chaos every day. Poppy just turned 8 on May 20, 2012.

To purchase Poppy's children's E-book: http://www.meegenius.com/book/2228/poppy-gets-his-wings

QUESTION: What kind of bird is Poppy?  Click here! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Starling

Did you know 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

had a pet starling?

Click here to read the story! 

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