Poppy's story

Poppy was found at the DFW airport laying on the jetbridge floor right beside the open door of a 737 aircraft.  A flight attendant found him and rescued him from being thrown in the trashcan by a ramp worker. Since Poppy was just hatched, his eyes weren't open yet and he barely had a few feathers.  He was begging for food.  

As Poppy grew, his intelligence and love blossomed.  He learned to talk, whistle songs and perform tricks.  Always very social, Poppy was never more happy than to sit with his humans and sing and whistle. Poppy's videos and Facebook page became very popular.  He even had his 15 minutes of fame, being interviewed on a national TV show.  Currently, Poppy is the star of his own children's picture book series.

This May 20, 2018 Poppy turns 15 with a huge heart full of joyful singing.

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